Twin Engine Social Karts

Our involvement in twin engine bitumen endurance karts lead to the birth of our twin engine social karts, these karts are powered by two 4 stroke engines and can be used on both dirt or bitumen with some minor changes making it the best all round go kart in our fun kart range.

Aussiespeed F412 Thoroughbred Social Twin Engine Gokart


Powered by 2 x Briggs & Stratton World Formula engines this is our top of the range social kart with many extras, it has around 30 horsepower and is not recommended for entry level drives.


Our twin engine social karts are available with 3 or 4 rear axle bearings, mechanical or hydraulic brakes and as they are built to order with as many up or down grades as you require.


If you are looking for a cheap fun kart that requires little or no maintenance this go kart is not for you. It is built from high quality parts has a chrome moly chassis, purebred race engines and delivers the ultimate thrill on both asphalt or dirt surfaces.


Like to get sideways well this kart does, it has torque like no other kart in our range.


When hooked up it will lift the front wheel as it rockets you forward, the engines make maximum torque just above 4000 rpm and are rev limited to 7100 rpm.

A412 dual engine Animal Powered Social Go Kart


Aussiespeed daul engine go karts are available to suit a range of engines, The dual engine local 206 Briggs & Stratton engine package is a great all rounder with lots of torque at lower rpm


When fitted with 6″ off road tyres additional ground clearance is achieved


These are built to order so personalising your kart is no problems, chassis color, decals and accessory colors are no problems.


When fitted with 2 high torque engines the kart will perform with either heavy or light drives. These are not recommended for inexperienced drivers. A well set up go kart will lift the front tyres through turns and have been known to pull the front wheels in a straight line.