Mini Bike Kits

We like old school cool things at Aussiespeed and find its even more fun when it has got an engine. What started as away of displaying our small engine products has gone a few steps further with a small range of mini bikes now being available. The mini bikes are imported from the USA and with a few changes made to the frames we now offer mini bike frame kits, mini bike wheels, tyres, drum brakes, clutch covers, seats and many other components required to restore or build your own mini bike.


A basic mini bike kit includes frame, forks, front axle, rim, tyre, tube and wheel spacers, rear wheel, tyre, tube, rear sprocket, drum brake, brake lever, brake cable, rear axle and wheel spacers. The wheels are a 2 piece rim so no special tools are required to fit tyres and tubes. Mini bike wheels are available in 5inch or 6 inch.


Additional components like throttle assemblies, hand grips, seats and foot pegs can be purchased separately. The engine base plate is jig welded to the frame and accepts engines with the standard Honda, Clone, Subaru, Briggs & Stratton engine foot print.


A basic frame kit as pictured above includes frame, forks and head stem bolt. The frames are jig welded in the USA our standard color range is red as pictured along with yellow, black and orange. The mini bike frames are also sold raw which is a good idea if you want to make changes to the frame or weld on extra fittings.


Mini bike frame and forks in black, this frame has been fitted with a side stand that needs to welded on before powder coating or painting.


Please note we sell mini bike kits and parts we do not sell complete ready to ride bikes. The kits can be assembled by most people with some mechanical knowledge and basic tools.


A proto type 3 wheel mini bike that we may consider bringing in to production


A custom built mini bike with rear hoop on frame, flat style handle bars, polished alloy rocker cover, Aussiespeed mini bike exhaust system and hot rod style finned clutch cover.


This old school mini bike had many of the items chrome plated, the rear sprocket, rear brake assembly and is fitted with a side stand.


Aussiespeed manufacture a range of engine dress up parts for mini bikes that are made right here in Australia and shipped worldwide.


Taco22 mini bike in red this highly detailed mini bike is fitted with an Aussiespeed tall rocker cover, fuel tank, clutch cover and chrome exhaust, these parts are all available in our online store.


We can also supply mini bike parts and kits that are a great father son put together projects.


A custom black and chrome mini bike with 6 inch wheels, this bike has chrome plated front forks and kick style side stand


Parts supplied to a customer for his Taco22 Blue old skool mini bike build


A custom mini bike seat in blue sparkle vinyl with white side trim and embroidered Taco logo.


Built to show of the Aussiespeed small engine dress up range of parts this Briggs & Stratton Animal is fitted with many aluminum and chrome components.


A very different look to a Honda GX160 engine with an Aussiespeed gas tank cover