Endurance Karts

Aussiespeed twin engine endurance racing karts are designed and manufactured here in Australia. Aussiespeed karts use many other Australian businesses as suppliers for components and materials to offer racers a locally made kart that is as competitive as imported endurance karts manufactured in European and Asian countries.


Aussiespeed karts are built to order and can be supplied in many different colors and component options.


Aussiespeed endurance karts can be supplied with the current compliant plastics or can be supplied with pod bars, nassua panel mounting brackets and nose cone clips allowing you to use your existing style of plastics and decals.


A large fuel tank, Australian made wheels and brake systems are also used on Aussiespeed endurance karts.


Aluminum components like hubs, brake and sprocket carriers, tie rods can be supplied in natural silver aluminum finish or anodised black.


Seat sizes are available from small up to extra large. Engine mounting top clamps are supplied and 4 stroke mounting plates are also available to suit.

AussieSpeed E412 Twin Engine Endurance Racing Go Kart

The AussieSpeed E412 Endurance kart is a twin rail endurance style racing go kart with all the features of imported racing go kart chassis but the big difference as with most AussieSpeed Performance products they are made here in Australia. The E412 in its standard form is supplied with an Australian made 4 spot hydraulic disc brake, 4 bearing mounted 30mm solid rear axle supplied with sprocket carrier, rear centre mounted vented disc brake, stainless steel braided brake lines, adjustable bolt on seat mounts, 4 bearing front stub axles with camber adjuster style 10mm king pins. Euro style plastic pods, quick release nose cone, fiberglass nassua panel, fiberglass seat, large capacity fuel tank with quick release, adjustable front torsion bar, chrome bumpers, pedals & steering shaft, seat mount washers & bolts, aluminum engine chassis mounts are supplied, twin throttle cable mounting lugs, profiled aluminum floor tray, removable reinforced rear bumper, powder coated silver pearl is the standard chassis color but as the chassis are built to order color choice can be varied

The AussieSpeed E412 is supplied with Futura Australian made go kart wheels not the low volume wheels pictured


Seat & seat mounting kit along with 2 heavy duty seat stays are supplied as part of the package along with guidelines as to the seat mounting position


The front torsion bar is positioned for quick easy adjustment on the AussieSpeed E412 Endurance Kart


The 30mm solid steel rear axle is fitted with low drag bearings, CNC machined bearing carriers sprocket carrier engine snug bolt and high tensile plated bolts. The left hand side of the rear axle is set for outboard driven engine sprocket and is supplied with sprocket carrier also


The central mounted  4 spot disc brake caliper is mounted after the axle and uses a 17mm vented disc brake rotor. Mounting tube type lugs are mounted in many positions on the chassis for securing cables, fuel and brake lines


 large fuel tank is supplied standard a fuel tank breather bottle mounts in the nassua panel bracket & adjustable throttle cable fittings mount to the welded base mount


All fittings & components are of the highest quality & all components are available as spare parts that are available direct from the manufacturer here in Australia.


We have eliminated the use of lower chassis clamps and all Aussiespeed E412 go karts have slotted steel engine mounting plates welded between the chassis rails, the plates eliminate low hanging clamps from hitting ripple strips and engines shifting with a socket head 10mm bolt located up between the engine rails


A new Aussiespeed Kart with all the basics can be supplied without plastics seat and steering wheel for owners looking to upgrade a chassis

The AussieSpeed E412 Endurance go kart is priced from $4650.00  other options are available at lower prices with some parts removed.