Motorised Barstool Kits


Motorised Barstools started as an American crazy where a frame was built and a stool was mounted on top. There are many stories of people being caught driving there barstools home from the pub and being booked for drunk driving. It could be true but it could also be an urban myth but when used just for cruising around on they can be good fun.

The Barstool kits and components we sell are Australian made and with most components made in jigs from premium components and materials. We do not sell complete ready to ride motorised barstool and they do require assembly that requires basic mechanical knowledge and a selection of tools. All frames are welded in a specially built jig along with steering arms and other components.The steering geometry is very important on a barstool frame, we have dedicated fixtures for welding and aligning our barstool frames.


A fully welded frame, if sand blasting and powder coated it is recommended that the king pin bearings and bushes along with the lower steering bearing be fitted after. If hand preparation prior to painting is being done a bolt, nut and 2 washers can be used to protect the bearings.


Our barstool frames are fully jig welded and have

4x mounting points for your stool

1 x top and 1 x bottom roller bearing kingpin sockets

lower steering column bearing

laser cut steel engine base mount

disc brake caliper mount

jig welded rear axle mounting points

rear towbar and wheellie bar mounts

front bumper/ foot rests

welded and braced steering mount


The laser cut steel engine mount suits most smaller 4 stroke engine, the 4 stool leg mounts are placed to clear most engines with built in fuel tanks.


The rear axle brackets are laser cut and folded from steel plate, they use the same bearing carriers as most 30mm go kart axles. The brake caliper bracket is designed to use our billet aluminum Australian made caliper or an adapter plate can be used to mount a hydraulic or mechanical caliper.


The brake bracket welded to our chassis is designed to accept the Australian made billet aluminum caliper.


A rear towbar is fitted standard to the frame, this can be used to attach tie downs to for transporting, part of the location to mount our wheelie bars or used to tow a small trailer or esky.


Our motorised barstool frames are fitted with roller bearings for the kingpin/stub axles and a lower bearing locates the steering column.


This barstool is fitted with 5″ front slicks and 6 inch rear dirt tyres, all our barstools use a 17mm front steering arm that can be fitted with a go kart wheel or 3 bolt hub.


The yellow bar stool is fitted with wheely bars, twist grip type throttle and a hand operated type brake. Note the clutch is exposed in the picture below you will see the clutch cover that not only changes the look of the engine but covers the sprocket as well.

clutch cover for mini bike

not the cast aluminum clutch cover, it not only changes the look of the engine but also covers the clutch and its rotating sprocket.

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AussieSpeed Karts offer kit form build your own Barstool Racer

New Long Wheel Base Motorised Bar Stool Racer Kits. The new extended wheel base motorised bar stool kits by Aussiespeed are fully jig manufactured here in Australia from premium materials, with roller bearing steering components there are no metal to metal or brittle plastic bushes to wear. You can purchase from a bare welded frame to a complete kit with all components ready to be assembled.

Engine options and positions alloy for mini hot rod style bodies or even motorised eskys as well as motorised coffins, pit karts and any other thing you want to put an engine on.


A mini rod Ford model A body that fits over the motorised frame, these will be available for those wanting to build a cool custom motorised crazy toy.

We do not sell complete assembled ready to drive units, they are sold in kit form only.