Australian made social go karts


Aussiespeed “S” gokart is a full size purpose built 4 stroke chassis to suit adults. The Aussiespeed range of social karts were designed to uses a Briggs & Stratton Animal or World Formula engines. Australian made gokarts


The Aussiespeed Animal Powered 4 stroke off road kart runs Duro 6 inch tall tyres to give extra ground clearance, The Duro Rocket Boy tyres are suited to hard dry tracks


The Aussiespeed “S” gokart has a higher than standard from bumper bar to help protect the front of the kart. The Australian made fiberglass nassua panel sits high to help deflect dirt & debris.


 With the torque that is produced by Briggs & Stratton Animal or World Formula engines the rear axle of the kart is put under large forces. The Aussiespeed “S” karts uses a 30mm solid axle with a 3 bearing support with cnc bearing clamps.


The seat position is fixed, we do offer pedal extensions for drivers with short legs. Seat clamps are a bolt on style and our chassis will fit from small to XXL seats


Easy to fit bolt on adjustable peddle extensions


Made in Australia from billet aluminum Aussiespeed peddle extensions are easy to fit and come supplied with hardware.


The Aussiespeed “S” can be purchased in various stages from a complete chassis without rims and tyres, as a complete rolling gokart chassis or a complete go kart & engine package ready to drive


This fully optioned outlaw style dirt kart runs a Briggs & Stratton Animal Racing Engine.


Aussiespeed social go karts can be used on both dirt or bitumen tracks. Our range of karts were never designed to be used as a top level race kart but a universal Australian made and designed fun or social race kart that can be used on either surfaces with a few minor adjustments & tyre change.


Fitted with a set of MG red road coarse tyres and a change of gearing you kart can be used on bitumen tracks


Dusty conditions are not the best for racing but in some areas with a shortage of water there are no other options, when running in dusty conditions the air filter must be changed regularly

AussieSpeed A206 go karts are available in many configurations, our stage 1 go karts start from $2900.00 check our online store for kart pricing